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The Stargazer Lily is one of my favorite flowers.  I love its vivid color of fuschia and the smell of its powerful sweet nectar.  Stargazer lilies have an intoxicating effect on me. When I smell them it instantly picks me up and I feel happy and energized.  Its scent has a candy-like quality as if the lily has been coated with a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar.

My hunt for the perfect “stargazer lily” scent led me to YOSH, a perfume house in SAN FRANCISCO!  I was excited to learn that this amazing olfactory artist, Yosh Han, was located here in my hometown.  Her perfumes are made with the finest, natural ingredients.  What is most fascinating is her philosophy behind her creations. She believes aromas can lead you to another world what she coins as “transaromation”:

“Aromatherapy is the therapeutic and healing benefits of natural aromas whereas aromachology has to do with the psychological aspect of aromas – it was originally coined by The Fragrance Foundation. Transaromation has more to do with being transported by smell – more like a déjà vu – like when you walk by jasmine vines – you feel as though you’re some place else. I’ve met many men who have told me that they’ve chased women walking down the street because they swore it was the scent of an old lover. They’re being transported through time and emotions. Fragrance is so potent.”

The three numbers after the name of her fragrances represent her spiritual and philosophical beliefs:

“It’s a system…Each perfume has a 3 digit numerical frequency as well as a literal name. The first number represents the fragrance family, the second number refers to the chakras and the third number is derived using numerology…the [custom] fragrance [clients] pick usually has something to do with their lucky number or whatever chakra they’re working on. It’s usually kismet. Recently, I’ve been reading auras and matching their energy/personality to a suitable perfume.”

Browsing Yosh’s website, I saw Stargazer 7.71 listed under her Evanescent Collection.  I had to have it! I was curious to know how close her scent was to the real Stargazer lily; I’ve read elsewhere that the true scent is difficult to replicate.  Is Stargazer 7.71 the real deal?

Description:  Stargazer is a wonderful fresh green fragrance that can be worn day into evening, and its charm is irresistible in both men and women.  This beguiling concoction is inspired by the intoxicating aroma of stargazer lily and late summer nights spent watching shooting stars — a timeless beauty with infinite appeal.

Notes: Kenya Lily, White Ginger

From the Vial: Holy $#@%!  Stargazer Lily sensory overload!  It smells like I walked into a floral superstore and all they sold were Stargazer Lilies. It is potent! Any more whiffs from this vial I’d probably pass out!

Wet on Skin:  The crisp and freshness of greens cut the overpowering floral a bit.

Dry Down: There’s very little development.  As it dries down, the potency decreases and I smell less of stargazer lilies but just plain lilies. It smells green and clean like fresh-cut lilies. The funny thing about Stargazer 7.71 is every time I move I can smell wafts of citrus and sweetness (the white ginger) for a brief second. Caught off guard, I kept asking myself, “What is that?”.  I want to smell more but it teases me and disappears as soon as I ask the question.   At the end of dry down, I’m reminded of an expensive soap from a spa or a 5 star hotel. It’s a pleasant smell but where are my stargazers?

Sillage:  Really strong throw!  Not a fragrance you would wear to the office.  A drop will do you!

Longevity:  All day.  After 5 hours, when I press my nose against my wrist I can hardly smell the fragrance but I get phantom wafts of it hours later.

Would I Buy a Full Bottle? Probably not. Only because it is not giving me the Stargazer Lily scent I yearn for.

Pricepoint: $$$

Season and Occasion: Summer or Spring evening.  Winter day and/or night.

Final Verdict:  Stargazer 7.71 is a beautiful fragrance unfortunately the Stargazer lilies are a brief mirage.  It’s simple, fresh, clean, and modern.  By no means a light scent.  The fragrance is very strong so it will probably be headache inducing for some.  I interpret this fragrance as a tropical aroma. I see myself in Hawaii, watching the sunrise early morning, a bit of chill to the air, and enveloped by the fragrant sharpness of white ginger and white lilies. Despite Yosh stating Stargazer 7.71 can be worn by men and women alike, I don’t think a guy can pull this off. It’s a feminine floral 10.0 on the richter scale.

You can tell that YOSH uses high quality ingredients judging by its potency.  Based on her philosophy behind her art, I am even more intrigued to explore her line. I would like to learn more about her fragrance profile as well as discover more artisan perfumers in my area.  I find Yosh Han fascinating.  You can guarantee there will be more YOSH reviews in the near future.

For white ginger & lily lovers and fans of heady, fresh clean florals.

YOSH’s Stargazer 7.71:  http://www.barneys.com/Stargazer-Perfume-Oil/00458140000037,default,pd.html

Next Up: YOSH’s Ginger Ciao

Footnote:  Interview excerpts from Yosh Han found here.