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Halloween is around the corner which explains why I have a sweet tooth. This week’s focus on dark vanilla (Love & Toast’s Pomme Poivre and Le Labo’s Vanille 44)  is a tell-tell sign of my subliminal yearning for the confectionery.

In all honesty, when I saw Prada’s Candy ad this summer, I was prepared to pass it off as another one hit wonder.  I immediately thought of sickly sweet fragrances flying off the shelves of Sephora like Aquolina Pink Sugar and Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb. Two perfumes which I abhor. The smell alone puts me into a diabetic coma. Much to my chagrin, in a market saturated with sugary gourmands, here comes another new candy fragrance called, get ready for this… CANDY! *rolls eyes* How original. No, thanks!  Prada even ripped off BowWowWow’s music for their Candy ad campaign.  If you’re a product of the 80’s, you probably remember this song…

My attitude suddenly changed when I saw, perfume critic extraordinaire, Katie Puckrik’s review on youtube a week ago. (I am in love with her, by the way. She’s witty, funny, and gorgeous! AND she was a dancer for the PET SHOP BOYS!  How cool is that?)  She got me slightly curious. Okay, not slightly.  A LOT CURIOUS! Because if Katie Puckrik raved about it…well…it must be good!

Description: The pure enjoyment of Prada Candy lies in its excess.  Prada is a fragrance with a novel olfactory balance combining exceptionally high-quality ingredients in excessive proportions.  Magnified by White Musks, noble Benzoin comes together with a modern Caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature. 

Notes:   Caramel, White Musk, Benzoin

From the Vial:  One sniff from the vial and I’m already salivating.  It smells of cotton candy and strawberry saltwater taffy. I don’t know where I’m picking up the fruit note from.  Hmmm…interesting.

Wet on Skin:  My nose is probably playing tricks on me.  Now there’s a little tang of citrus note hiding in there somewhere.  It calms down after a few seconds and I get a waft of buttery toffee. YUM! It smells sort of like the crunchy toffee inside a heath bar but ever so subtle.

Dry Down:  As it develops, I’m getting more of a  cotton candy smell. I don’t see what’s so “excessive” about this fragrance at all. On the contrary, Prada Candy is light, airy, and fluffy just like the texture cotton candy!   It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  After awhile, there’s a smooth transition from cotton candy to a mouth-watering creamy, rich vanilla ice cream lightly drizzled with molten caramel . As it melds with my skin at the end of dry down, I get a faint powdery sweet and musky my-skin-but-better scent which reminds me of smelling a newborn baby’s head.

Sillage:  It stays close to the skin.

Longevity:  Sadly, only 3 hours.  Disappointing for an EDP.

Would I Buy a Full Bottle? No.  Despite the poor projection and longevity, I still love the scent therefore it is going on my Christmas wishlist. 🙂

Pricepoint: $$

Season and Occasion: Would make a nice casual daytime perfume for Winter.

Final Verdict:  No surprise, Katie was right!  Prada Candy is a delectable and subtle fragrance. Luxuriously decadent but never gluttonous. It has an air of sophistication with one foot on the frilly- girly side. This is Pink Sugar for classy grown-ups, Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s style.  Prada Candy is a little sweet, a lot smooth, warm, huggy, cozy, and inviting.  If Prada Candy were clothing, it would be a camel colored soft suede jacket from Banana Republic worn by a young urban professional woman sipping a creamy caramel machiatto “lite”.   It’s not mind-blowing, but a really nice fragrance.  Really nice.

For those who want a soft, sweet gourmand without the calories.

Prada CandySold at Neiman Marcus.

If you like the sound of Prada Candy, you might like:  Le Labo Vanille 44.

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