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I’m so excited!   I received my first order from The Morbid The Merrier just in time for Halloween! I was browsing around etsy a month ago and stumbled upon this unusual perfumery. I was attracted to its creepy Victorian sideshow freak carnivalesque imagery and its strange perfume blends.  (I happen to have a soft-spot for the macabre, must be the inner Goth in me.) With Halloween coming up, the temptation was too great to resist so I finally purchased a 10 sample set.

First off, let me just say that Lysa Luna, the nose behind TMTM, really goes out of her way to shower her customers with love.  You can tell she takes great care in presenting her products to make her customers feel special.  She not only packaged my order in a Halloween goodie bag, she also added candy treats and 2 more samples.  Isn’t that nice?

I love fragrances that create an atmosphere.  This is why I turn to indie perfumers like Lysa Luna because they think outside the perfume box.   Their fragrances stir your emotions and transport you somewhere. Little Drop of Poison, part of TMTM’s limited edition Halloween line, is a perfect example.

Description: Little Drop of Poison – Dragon’s blood, plump dark berries and red wine barely conceal a rich, resinous and very poisonous base.

Notes: Dragon’s blood, dark berries, red wine, resins

From the Vial:  At first sniff, my eyes glaze over and my imagination runs rampant.   The smell is vintage in feel, it smells powdery and a bit sweet.  I am transported to a different time and place, to a scene inside Edith Wharton’s novel, The House of Mirth.  I picture the tragic heroine in her story, Lily Bart, a beautiful and stately 1890 New York socialite.  She was a woman of good standing but fell to her demise because she chose love instead of wealth.  Feeling imprisoned by Victorian social convention, she becomes despondent and takes an overdose of arsenic.  She ends of up dying poor and alone in her room.  Little Drop of Poison takes me inside this dark and depressing room. The musky powdery sweet scent is what I imagine her dressing table would smell.  Underneath the musky haze, a sinister and dark odor, something bitter and fermented, almost medicinal.  A little drop of arsenic, perhaps?

Gillian Anderson as Lily Bart in The House of Mirth (2000)

Wet on Skin:  The musky sweet powder smell becomes stronger when it hits the skin.

Dry Down:  As it dries down, a sharp bitterness comes through you can almost taste it in your mouth.  I’m getting a musty room scent combined with dusty, mildewed upholstery.  If I close my eyes, I feel like I’m standing in the room next to Lily Bart’s bed.  I can’t stop smelling my wrist in anticipation for the next scene to unfold.  After a few minutes, it mellows out smelling slightly soapy.  The ripeness of the dark berries makes itself clear, smells a bit off; sweet but tannic like Miss Bart’s lip imprinted glass of berry cordial that was sitting on her nightstand for who knows how long.

Sillage:   The projection is amazing for a perfume oil.  People would be able to smell me standing at least 4 feet away.

Longevity:  5 hours.

Would I Buy a Full Bottle?  I am rushing to buy a full bottle after I finish this review

Pricepoint: $

Season and Occasion:  Autumn and Winter.

Final Verdict:  So funny how a perfume reminds you of a book you read ten years ago.  Little Drop of Poison creeps me out in a good way.  (No wonder this is part of her Halloween line.)  It’s a fruity oriental that is bewitching and ominous.  It draws you in and makes you feel something.  I think this is the first time I’ve had a visceral reaction to a fragrance.  A perfume such as this is rare.  This is a must smell!  If not for the scent, but for the experience.

For those who like musky, powdery, sweet scents and have tendencies toward the dark side.

The Morbid The Merrier’s Little Drop of Poison: Halloween Limited Edition.  No Longer Available. But there are plenty more dark and dubious scents to explore at The Morbid The Merrier!

Next Up: L’Aromatica Madrone