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If there is one thing the Middle East does well, it is the use of aromatics and spices in their confectionaries and desserts.  Rosewater is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking. In Islamic culture, rosewater is often used as a halal substitute for red wine and alcohol in food. Turkish Delight, known as lokoum in Arabic, originated in Turkey and was introduced to Western Europe in the 19th century. These little perfumed pillow morsels of nutty pistachio, rosewater and powdered sugar are still popular today.  Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert (much like ice cream) throughout the Indian subcontinent. A sweet and thick custard-like concoction flavored with rose syrup, saffron, pistachio, cardamom and various fruits.  There are different variations of baklava, a rich sweet pastry made of flakey and buttery layers of filo.  My favorite flavor is pistachio, rosewater, and honey.  Last but not least is the Persian Love Cake, my favorite dessert of them all, is a light and spongy pistachio, rosewater, and cardamom cake.  Ab-so-lut-ley heavenly!

Are you noticing a pattern here?  Rosewater and Pistachios!  If pistachio were a man and rosewater were a woman, they would be soul mates. The symbiosis between the nutty pistachio and fragrant rosewater makes for one sexy combo!  Pistachios were a favorite delicacy during Queen Sheba’s reign.  Back then, lovers would meet for secret rendezvous under a special pistachio tree.  Who knew that a little green nut would make people frisky?

Imagine my elation when Savor, an independent San Francisco-based handmade bath and body company, came out with a Pistachio & Rosewater Cake scented whipped soap!  I went berserk!

Description:  Pistachio & Rosewater Cake has the aroma of nutty and sweet pistachio blended with vanilla and a dash of cherry, with fluffy pink rosewater frosting.

Real rose absolute, just a dash, and real rosewater turn this soap into something extraordinary and exotic.

Crème Fraiche is a thick and fluffy whipped soap. We blend it with sweet almond oil, chosen for its emollient, skin-softening properties. Chock full of essential fatty acids and lightweight, never greasy.

Contains no SLS/SLES, propylene glycol (a petroleum product). Paraben-free. Vegan.

Notes:  Rose, pistachio, vanilla, cherry.

When I opened the jar and took a sniff, the heavens opened and the angels wept! It’s like somebody stuffed an entire Persian Love Cake in a 2 oz. sample jar.  It smells authentically realistic.  I don’t know whether to bathe with it or dig a spoon in there and eat it.  The creamy nuttiness of the pistachio, the delicate fresh dewy rose, the slightly sweet vanilla, and ripe juicy cherry aroma was to die for!  The whipped soap has a nice consistency it was light and airy but thick enough to build a luxurious lather.  I was surprised at how little I needed, just a pea size amount is enough for one shower session.  The aroma is even stronger lathered and it makes my bathroom smell delicious for the entire day.

After I dried off, it didn’t leave a nasty film as soaps usually do to me.  I felt clean and at the same time my skin felt nourished and hydrated, silky and supple. Plus Savor doesn’t use parabens, SLS, petroleum in their products which is a good thing.

As for longevity, the fragrance pretty much lasts half the day. It feels nice. It’s as if I was cloaked in a light veil of scent.  I couldn’t stop smelling my arm, I get a faint rosy sweet powdery clean smell, a “my skin but better” smell.  Every time my husband comes near me, he wants to make babies. (Must be the pistachios.)

Pistachio & Rosewater Cake Crème Fraiche Whipped Soap makes me want to shower 5 times a day until my fingers prune and wrinkle.  It’s that good!  I’m definitely rushing out to buy the full jar as well as the body crème and body mist!   I think Savor and I are going to be the bestest of friends.

Why they haven’t made a perfume of this scent yet is a travesty!  There are many perfumes for Turkish Delight and Kulfi.  Why not Persian Love Cake?  It’s just not fair!

Savor Pistachio & Rosewater Cake Crème Fraiche Whipped Soap: Available at the Savor Etsy Shop

Want to bake the cake?  Check out the recipe for Persian Love Cake at epicurious.com

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