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I am falling more and more in love with Loreto Remsing’s fragrances.  (Loreto Remsing is the nose behind San Francisco indie perfumery, L’Aromatica).  Out of the 50 some odd samples I own, I always find myself reaching for L’Aromatica the most. I just bought the full size bottle of Madrone and I wear it almost every day. Her perfumes really speak to me.  The ones I’ve sampled so far are all very understated, delicate, and demure.  There’s a quiet elegance to them which I like.  They whisper but have a powerful presence. I also love that her blends aren’t muddled with 20 different notes.  They are clean and concise. The end result is simple but captivating.

Kulfi is my favorite scent at the moment. It is a gourmand named after and inspired by the Indian ice cream, kulfi. If you’ve never had kulfi before, I highly recommend this luscious dessert.  Unlike traditional ice cream, it is a very dense and creamy frozen custard. As you bite into the custard, you will find that it is grainy in texture because of the spices and bits of ice. The most common flavors are cardamom, rose, saffron, pistachio, and mango. It can be any flavor you want really. The pistachio, cardamom and saffron combo is my favorite.  Kulfi is such an amazingly rich and exotic treat that Loreto Remsing captures spot-on.  Every time I smell L’Aromatica Kulfi, it makes me crave for the real thing!

Description:  KULFI is based on a very popular Indian dessert of the same name. It’s rich and creamy with a hint of spice. A handmade saffron-infused oil is added to this blend.

Notes:  Cardamom, Vanilla Bean, Coconut, Sandalwood, Saffron

From the Vial:  Opens icy and spicy with a strong cardamom note, sweet and creamy accord from the vanilla bean, coconut, and saffron.  The sandalwood ties everything together and prevents the sweetness to become cloying.

Wet on Skin:  The kulfi is starting to melt.  The cardamom becomes warmer and the composition becomes creamier.  The saffron really gives this fragrance a luxurious texture, a very rich consistency.

Dry Down:  The cardamom takes the backseat. Kulfi smells like the smoothest, custard you can imagine peppered with tiny specks of cardamom and garnished with saffron.  I imagine sitting in front of a big bowl of kulfi and digging into its extraordinarily smooth and creamy coconut goodness. It’s so thick you can stand a spoon up in the bowl. The dry down is very nice and unexpected.  It ends slightly sweet and woody.

Sillage: It’s below average.  I get wafts of it every so often during the day, a gentle reminder saying, “I’m still here.”

Longevity:  About 4 hours.

Would I Buy a Full Bottle?  Yes!  The fragrance is so amazing that I’d be willing to overlook below average sillage and longevity.

Pricepoint: $

Season and Occasion:  All year.  Perfect for date night.

Final Verdict: L’Aromatica Kulfi makes me want to get in my car, drive to the nearest Indian restaurant and gorge myself into a kulfi frenzy.  L’Aromatica Kulfi is sexy and exotic.  Scrumptious and luscious.  Food porn in a bottle.

For those who love decadent desserts.

L’Aromatica KulfiAvailable at L’Aromatica Etsy Shop

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