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Long Winter Farm, founded by Amanda Nolan & Joe Brown is an etsy bath and body company with a great sense of humor and a great line of products.  Amanda & Joe live in a yurt in the woods of western Maine with their two kids and two goats.  (If that’s not wholesome I don’t know what is.)  Their products reflect their wholesome country lifestyle and philosophy.  All of their soaps, body creams, and lip balms are “homegrown” and are not full of nasty chemicals and do not contain parabens, pthalates, or SLS.  They have 29 different flavors of lip balm!  Yes, 29 mouth-watering flavors such as Peppermint Hot Cocoa, Blueberry Crumble, Unicorn Farts, and my favorite of the bunch, Chai.

Description:  This is quite possibly the truest flavor I’ve ever tried. And I’m a serious, serious chai addict. Very serious.

This balm is designed to melt into your lips, not into your jeans! Which is good, because I keep mine in my butt pocket. That would be embarrassing… It’s got lots of yumminess in it: natural beeswax (you’ll smell a little extra honey), unrefined cocoa butter (you’ll smell a little cocoa too), unrefined shea butter, jojoba, sweet almond, and grape seed oils, vitamin E, and flavor oil. It’s carefully formulated to give you the perfect balance of protection and softness, so you won’t end up feeling greasy or waxy. My mom says, “Ooo, creeamy” every time she uses hers, if that’s any indication. She has a little flair for the dramatic.

Scent:  It smells exactly what it says on the tin and it smells natural not synthetic.  Amanda Nolan was not kidding!  It’s a dead ringer for Starbucks Chai latte.

Taste:  Smells like chai latte but doesn’t taste like one.  There’s no taste at all.

Application:  The tip of the balm is oval-shaped and makes for widespread, even application.  I was really impressed with how creamy it is.  It glides on your lips like butter and gives your lips a nice thin coat!  It does feel a bit greasy on the lips but as the day wears on it soaks in.  There’s no gloss.

Moisture:  With winter quickly approaching and the temperature dropping, my lips are in really bad shape.  They are dry, flaky, and cracked.  This is one heavy-duty lip balm because by the end of the day, my dry, flaky, cracked lips were no more.  My trusty Burt’s Bees takes at least 3 applications before my lips return to normal. LWF is super moisturizing and is especially soothing for cracked lips.

Longevity:  My lips stay soft and supple pretty much half the day before I have to reapply again. I apply at the most twice a day.

Pricepoint: $

Would I buy this product again? Most definitely.  I’m tempted to purchase and hoard every single flavor.

Final Verdict:  I’ve never been a lip balm addict but thanks to Long Winter Farm, they made an addict out of me. Their lip balms are hands-down the best I have ever laid my lips on! They’re creamy, moisturizing, and soothing. My lips stay nourished and hydrated all day.  They use quality ingredients and they have a variety of delicious flavors to choose from.  What’s not to love?  Sorry Burt’s Bees, there’s a new lip balm in town!

Long Winter Farm Lip Balms:  Available at their etsy store

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