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Scented lotions and body creams are a wonderful alternative to perfume.  They add another dimension to traditional perfume, the sense of touch.  I love the feeling of a scented body cream once I slather it on after a refreshing shower.  My skin feels silky soft and caressed by a delicate veil of scent.  I start my day feeling pampered like a queen and ready to seize the day!

There are several advantages to scented lotions and creams. In the summer months, I find perfume too heavy whereas lotions give off a lighter scent; my skin stays soft and hydrated as well as smelling fabulous! Another advantage is that scented lotions have a low sillage and are not too overbearing; perfect to wear at the office or wherever you find yourself in close quarters.  Lotions and creams also have amazing longevity and often surpass some of my expensive perfumes; the fragrance lingers throughout most of day with only one application. Best of all, they are easy on my pocketbook.  Lotions and creams are less expensive than their perfume counterparts so if I can’t splurge on a bottle of perfume, I opt for the lotion instead!

Body creams that hit all my criteria are few and far between.  The Tocca creams, however, go above and beyond my expectations! Tocca, which means “touch” in Italian, is a designer brand that produces high quality bath and body products as well as perfumes.  Crema da Sogno or “Dream Cream” is a body cream line part of their signature fragrance collection. Not your run-of-the-mill cream, Crema da Sogno is high-end and lavish; so rich and luxurious, you’ll channel your inner Cleopatra.


Description:  A sumptuously rich body cream combining the benefits of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and shea butter with our signature fragrances. Absorbs easily and leaves the skin soft and supple with a dewy glow. Cleopatra Crema da Sogno leaves your skin delicately scented of grapefruit cucumber.

Notes: Bitter Grapefruit, Lush Greens, Cassis Bud, White Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Tuberose, Warm Patchouli, Golden Amber, Rich Vanilla Musk.

Scent:  I’ve never smelled the Cleopatra EDP so I don’t know how close the scent is in comparison to the body cream.  All I know is that this smells divine.  It opens as a fruity floral with a bitterless Bitter Grapefruit note.  A very natural citrus scent, not candy-like or synthetic.  The grapefruit smells ripe and juicy, so juicy that you’d have to wear a bathing suit to eat it.  I’m sure the peach nectar is lending its hand in the deliciousness of this scent as well. So far it’s fruity but not too fruity.  I can detect the white jasmine and tuberose.  You would think this powerhouse combo would produce a migraine but it lingers in the background and blends perfectly with the bright fruity notes.  The cucumber gives it a clean and crisp scent.  The mix of bright citrus and crisp greens would be the perfect “wake-me-up” fragrance in the mornings.  There’s something in here that prevents this scent from crossing the line over to the cheap Bath & Bodyworks side.  It smells mature and expensive with the patchouli, golden amber, and vanilla musk giving it depth.

Texture & Application:  The texture is very thick and luscious! When I squeezed the cream out of the sample packet, it reminded me of buttercream frosting coming out of a piping bag.  Upon application it gave my hands a nice thick coating and absorbs quickly into the skin. Not greasy.

Moisture:  Because of the thickness of the cream, my skin felt nourished and hydrated.  My skin was very smooth, soft, and silky, I couldn’t stop running my hands up and down my arm.  I imagine this is what Cleopatra’s skin felt like after bathing in fine oils and being preened by her eunuchs.  It feels so luxurious!

Sillage: It has excellent throw and leaves a bit of a scent trail.

Longevity: The scent lasts half the day and my skin still feels smooth and silky as when I first applied the cream.

Pricepoint: $$

Would I buy  a full size?  $45 is a bit much for a body cream but it’s worth it!  I wouldn’t buy it for myself though, it feels too lavish to deserve.   If someone gave this as a gift to me, I would be really flattered that they thought highly of me and ask what did I do to deserve such an amazing gift!  Crema da Sogno would make for a nice birthday or Christmas present.  A perfect present for Mother’s Day to thank her for all the sacrifices she made for you! If you gave her this cream, your mom would know you were really grateful!

Season and Occasion: This light, fresh and fruity floral would be perfect for the summer.

Final Verdict:  I love Cleopatra Crema da Sogna and want to explore more scents from this line.  I love how it is light and fresh.  It’s rich and creamy, and absorbs quickly into the skin.  My skin feels silky smooth and the scent lasts most of the day and is not overbearingThis cream makes you feel like you’re taking real good care of yourself and that you deserve to be a queen every day!

For those who are looking for an alternative to perfume and love fresh and fruity florals.

Tocca Cleopatra Crema da Sogno: Available at Sephora

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