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Turkey in the oven? Check!  Pies are all baked? Check!  Ribs marinating? Check! Cranberry sauce simmering? Check! Cornbread battered?  Check!  Perfume? UNCHECK! 

For all you Americans out there, how is your Thanksgiving so far?  Thanksgiving is pretty much low-key at my house.  There’s just 4 people here , yet it seems like I cook enough for 40!  But that’s ok, it’s Thanksgiving!  It is mandatory to gorge yourself into a food coma!  One of the many dilemmas I come up against every year before Thanksgiving is deciding what perfume to wear on this special holiday.  And my answer is always the same.  I don’t wear any.  I’m the chef in the house and by the time I’m done cooking, I smell like I should be an entrée served on the buffet table.  For me, there are too many competing scents during Thanksgiving, wearing perfume would be olfactory sensory overload!

This year, I went the safe route and chose a lightly scented body cream. And what could be a more perfect choice for this occasion?  Long Winter Farm Autumn Wreath Hand & Body Cream.  I can’t tell you enough how much I love Long Winter Farm, an indie bath & body shop in Maine headed by Amanda Nolan & Joe Brown.  (Dare I say, Long Winter Farm is moving into holy grail territory!)  Autumn Wreath Hand & Body Cream doesn’t smell so gourmand that you belong on a platter and it doesn’t smell floral and heady that you would clash with the cacophony of Thanskgiving fumes around you.  Long Winter Farm Autumn Wreath Hand & Body Cream is warm, welcoming, and inviting…exactly like the autumn wreath hanging outside your door!

Description:   I’ve always had issues with skin cream and lotion. It either doesn’t moisturize enough, or leaves me greasy, or has so much fragrance and preservative in it, I end up all itchy. So I’m dry and greasy with hives on my neck. Not awesome. It’s cool though, I found the perfect base and tried again! Yay for no hives on my neck!

This fabled perfect cream base has lots of love for the skin without leaving you feeling like you just ate a bucket of chicken during a national napkin shortage. That’s my best analogy, and I’m sticking to it. It’s nut-free, and preserved naturally, so no yucky parabens.

This particular 4.5oz jar is scented with autumn wreath, which is a warm and fuzzy blend of apples, spices, balsam, and cedar.

***Don’t forget to recycle!! The jar is made of PET plastic and fits in with the rest of your number 1 plastics.***

Ingredients: water, organic aloe juice, rice bran oil, jojoba, emulsifying wax, glycerin, palm stearic acid (thickener), vitamin e (antioxidant), silver citrate (natural preservative), citric acid (to neutralize pH), potassium sorbate (mild preservative; replaces parabens), fragrance

Notes:  Apples, spices, balsam, and cedar

Scent:  When I sniffed the jar outright, it scared me.  The smell was very strong like one of those Glade plug-ins.  It was like I was wearing a huge autumn wreath around my neck!  Once it hit my skin though, the fragrance was pleasant and light.  I held my forearm up to my nose, inhaled, and said, “Mmmmmmm!”.  This smells so freakin’ good!  It smells like apples, fresh apples not the candy apple synthetic kind. It’s as if I just peeled and cored a granny smith apple and all you have is the fresh meat of a green apple.  Tart and a bit sweet. It’s slightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, and I can smell an ever so slight aroma of fresh evergreen, cedar, and dried pinecones.  The fragrance accord reminds me of autumn at its glorious peak. (And just in case you somehow missed it earlier, it smells like REAL APPLES!)

Texture & Application: The texture is not too thick or not too watery.  It’s just right. It absorbs through the skin quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy gunk on the surface.

Moisture:  Amanda was right.  I wasn’t left feeling like I just ate a greasy bucket of KFC.  The moisture is adequate.  It doesn’t leave your skin silky smooth but your skin does feel hydrated and nourished.

Sillage: This has a very up close and personal fragrance.  When people come in to hug you, they probably wouldn’t want to let you go because you smell so good!

Longevity: The scent lasts throughout the entire day and I only felt the need to reapply once to moisturize.

Pricepoint: $

Would I buy  a full size?  I have a full size of this and I’m sad this is limited edition.  I hope Long Winter Farm releases this scent next year. If I had known they would pull it off the shelves so quickly, I would have ordered a whole Costco sized pallet of the stuff!

Season and Occasion: They don’t call it Autumn Wreath for no reason.

Final Verdict: I love love love love this!  The smell is not overbearing that it could pass as being my Thanksgiving signature scent! I’d wear this every year. Not to mention, it adequately moisturizes my dry skin without feeling greasy. I just can’t get enough of this smell!  I smell like a really sophisticated Thanksgiving potpourri. Not just any potpourri you find at the dollar store or even potpourri from upscale Yuppie stores like Pottery Barn or Williams and Sonoma.  This is a special potpourri, it’s as if Martha Stewart came to your house and she personally and lovingly handcrafted your potpourri using the raw materials found around your home…and put it in a body cream…because she’s crafty like that. Tart, sweet green apples, spicy cinnamon and nutmeg, the fresh fronds of evergreen, woody cedar shavings, and dried pinecones.  You would smell good enough to be the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table!

For those who are looking for the perfect Thanksgiving scent and who want to smell like potpourri made lovingly by the hands of Martha Stewart…

Long Winter Farm Autumn Wreath Hand & Body Cream: Part of Fall Limited Edition line and is no longer available.  Click here for more Long Winter Farm Hand & Body Cream scents.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with family no matter how dysfunctional they may be and eat to your heart’s content!

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