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Last week, I was browsing the Tokyo Milk website and stumbled upon Margot Elena’s new collection, Fate and Fortune.  (You already know how I feel about Margot Elena’s packaging.)  When I saw her rollerball parfum de cigarro, my trigger finger was hovered over the enter button in 0.5 nano seconds. I was sweating bullets and squirming in my seat resisting the urge to “Add to Bag” while this evil vial of perfume taunted me chanting, “Buy me, buy me, buy me.”  Inside I felt like that spoiled brat Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory demanding a golden goose.  I wanted to stomp around the house and scream, “Don’t care how, I WANT IT NOW!” (as my concerned husband looks on and dials the psychiatric hotline).  Needless to say, I finally succumbed to tempation and just bought the damn thing!  I was a bad egg, a very bad egg…

Destiny No. 79 falls under the TokyoMilk Dark line which attracts their more brooding and sinister clientele (such as myself).  The packaging of the rollerball parfum de cigarro is elegant and beautiful!  The picture doesn’t do it justice. It looks like it came straight out of a Gothic Victorian apothecary.  The sleek black rollerball pen is encased in a glass tube vial and corked with a ceramic base.  When I opened the parcel and finally saw it in person it floored me.  Margot Elena deserves some kind of award for her innovative packaging because it’s absolutely stunning!

Description:  Destiny: deftly weaving a tangle of courses.

The alchemy of allure. Botanical extracts unearthed, crushed then distilled into this remarkably uncommon sensory experience. Glide across pulse points and envelop your senses in lush aroma. A fragrant temptation.

 Each sleek tube is enclosed in an elegantly corked vial casing.

Notes: Fresh Cut Ginger, Honeysuckle, Davana, Midnight Jasmine

Scent:  The development of Destiny No. 79 is linear.  What you smell is what you get. It opens with a dominant honeysuckle note. As it hits the skin, the honeysuckle, davana, and midnight jasmine meld into an intoxicating smell.  You get the sweetness of the honeysuckle, the boozy fruity liquor of the davana, and the rich, warm, exotic bouquet of midnight jasmine.  The fresh cut ginger gives this scent its uniqueness. Ginger never makes itself prominent, but makes its presence known by giving the composition a slight imbalance. The imbalance is what makes this fragrance so intriguing and cuts the boring predictability of the floral. I like the jasmine in Destiny as it never becomes overpowering, heady, or indolic. The final drydown is a bit soapy and I’m not a fan of soapy.  It’s bearable though and smells like I’ve just showered using a fancy and luxurious hotel soap.

Childhood Memory and Legend:  Without the soapy drydown, Destiny No. 79 smells exactly like Dama de Noche. Dama de noche (lady of the night) is widely cultivated in the Philippines for its sweet-scented flowers, which bloom at night. It is supposedly the strongest smelling flower in the world as you can smell it from 500 yards away.

I love the scent of Dama de Noche. The smell is very sweet. The closest I can describe it is a sugar coated jasmine. Dama de Noche reminds me of my childhood home. My mother planted the flower bush all around our house and garden. I can remember the divine scent wafting into my bedroom on hot summer evenings.  When it is a particularly hot night, I would sit on the bench swing, look up at the stars, listen to the crickets and drink in the sweet nectared air.  Sometimes my mom would sit beside me and indulge me in telling the story she heard from her childhood, the legend of Dama de Noche: 

Many years ago, there was a rich Maharlika or nobleman who spent his bachelor days wining and dining in the company of nobility. He drank the finest wines, ate the most delicious food, and enjoyed the company of the most beautiful and bejeweled women of the noble class. After spending this kind of life for many years, he decided to settle down and get married to a woman of his choice. “But whom to marry?” he asked himself, “All the women I know are gorgeous and charming, but I am tired of the glitter of their jewels and the elegance of their clothes!” Finally, he found himself a simple, charming girl whose name was Dama.

They got married and lived happily. She loved and pampered him with the most delectable dishes and kept his home and clothes in order. But soon he got bored and began to long for his friends’ company. He looked at his wife and thought, she is not beautiful and doesn’t have the air of nobility and wisdom in her that I am so used to. And so he returned to his world of glitter and pleasure. He started to spend his evenings sitting around with his friends, drinking, and talking till the next morning.

Seeing this Dama felt that she was losing her husband. She wept and prayed, “Oh God! Help me. Give me a magic charm that would make my husband come home again and never leave my side, forever!” At midnight he came home, opened the door of their bedroom, and called for Dama to tell her to prepare his nightclothes. He shouted for her and searched the whole house, but he could not find his wife. Finally he returned to their bedroom and when he opened the door, he stopped. A sweet and fragrant scent that he had never smelled before drifted to him. He went straight to the window from where it seemed to be coming. He was amazed to see a strange bush growing outside his window. The bush had thousands of tiny star-like white flowers, from which the heavenly and enchanting scent was coming.

He stood there, completely enthralled by the glorious smell. “Dama…” he whispered softly, wondering, could this be Dama? The noble man sat by the window and waited for his loving, simple wife to return. But she did not come back. Only the fragrance of the flowers stayed with him, casting a spell over his entire life.

In the moonlight, Dama of the night, or Dama de Noche would be in full bloom, capturing the rich Maharlika and ensuring that he never leave her side again.


Sillage:  Average. Projection is good.  I smell wafts of it whenever I move.  There is not much of a scent trail.

Longevity: It fulfills its promise as an EDP and has excellent longevity. 8 hours.

Pricepoint: $.  As with all Tokyo Milk products, they are reasonably priced. 

Would I buy Again? This is the best blind buy I’ve ever made.  I can see this becoming a staple in my collection where you pray it doesn’t get discontinued. I wish they had a proper full bottle as it only comes in a rollerball.  I love the packaging, it makes me want to collect all 6 of them, arrange them in a row like a perfume terrarium, and just waste the entire day staring at their beautiful display.

Season and Occasion:  This is definitely an all year round casual every day scent.

Final verdict:  I’ve been on the hunt for a scent to recapture my childhood memory for quite some time now. I’m happy to say the hunt is over! Destiny No. 79 is the exact smell of dama de noche I know and love. Everytime I smell it, I will think of my childhood home and those precious moments with my mother telling me the story behind this bewitching flower.

If you love delicate, sensual and sexy sweet florals, you can’t go wrong with Destiny No. 79…

TokyoMilk Dark Destiny No. 79 (Fate & Fortune Collection):  Available at Tokyo Milk

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