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It was announced today on Mona di Orio’s facebook page that she passed away unexpectedly. The perfume world lost a truly great artist and will surely be missed.  Condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues.

A niche perfumer, Mona di Orio, launched her perfume house in 2004. Earlier in her career she worked along side master perfumer, Edmound Roudnitzka (known for creating Diorissimo and Dior Eau Sauvage).  As a previous student in art and architecture, she often brought this influence in the creation of her fragrances:

Before going to University in Nice, I was a student in Dijon, at an architecture school. I was always very interested in volume and shapes. And I was thinking about my art studies and architecture, and I was thinking about this idea of proportions, this magic number – almost a divine number – just to reach the perfect harmony. And it came in my mind that it was so clear and so obvious that it could be wonderful to use it as a base for a perfume, as a kind of philosophy. I was so happy that nobody had taken it already. I began to imagine my own Golden Ratio, my own balance, and how I’m going to build my formula. Always a short formula, with strong products, with a very heavy identity. – Mona di Orio

This tragic news makes me so sad.  She was an incredibly talented perfumer who was in her prime.  It makes me wonder all the more what other perfumes she could have blessed us with.

Excerpt from: I Want To Make People Dream – An Interview With Mona Di Orio.  Written by Persolaise