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I’m a Bath & Bodyworks home fragrance hoarding whore.  (Try saying that 20 times in a row!).  This is the time of year when I take advantage of BBW’s holiday sales and scents.  My husband always shakes his head every time I walk in there because I go off my rocker. I’m talking “mental, mental, chicken oriental”…100% cuckoo! During their semi-annual sale, I clear candles off the shelves like a hurricane.  He also dreads carrying a bunch of shopping bags around the mall.  (I affectionately call him my shopping donkey.)

I really love Slatkin & Co. candles.  Some people will beg to differ but I think Slatkin & Co. candles are high quality. They have amazing scent throw, they burn evenly and clean, and have a long burn time.  Bath & Bodyworks have an amazing range of scents to choose from.  They have something for everyone. What I especially love is their gourmand line of fragrances.

I’m crazy for all things caramel.  You can set a box of Fiddle Faddle (caramel, butter toffee popcorn) in front of me and I’ll scarf the entire contents down in 10 seconds flat. When BBW listed Salty Caramel in their Boardwalk Collection last March, I just had to have it.  I snatched that baby up like there was no tomorrow!

The Shopping Donkey a.k.a. my hubby.

Description:  Sweet cream and caramel sprinkled with glazed pecans.

Wick, Flame Quality, and Wax Pool:  In the 14.5 oz candle, there are three wicks strategically placed.  The wicks are easy to light.  The wicks keep their flame for as long as you blow it out.  I don’t know about you but tunneling is a pet peeve of mine. Salty Caramel has no tunneling during or after burn time and has a completely even wax pool.

Throw:  As expected with Slatkin & Co. candles, Salty Caramel has amazing throw!  The candle was able to scent my entire master bedroom in minutes!  My room isn’t exactly small either, it’s as big as a modest hotel suite. I can smell it from the attached master bathroom, down the hallway to the top of the stairs.  Because of the big space, the scent is strong but bearable.  If it were a smaller space, I can imagine how this may be headache inducing.  These candles pack a punch!  Even when it is uncovered and unlit, it will give off a throw. So you can imagine the smell when it is burning.  I’d advise those with a smaller space to get the 4 oz. size.

Scent:  I wish this blog was scratch and sniff because the fragrance is divine!  It reminds me of a stronger salty version of Prada Candy in all its creamy caramel gooey goodness.  It also reminds me of a cross between Fiddle Faddle and my favorite caramels on the planet, Fleur de Sel Caramels from Recchiuti Confections, a high-end chocolatisserie in San Francisco.  Actually this candle smells exactly like these sweet and savory decadent morsels without the dark chocolate. Recchiuti’s description of Fleur de Sel fits the scent of Salty Caramel candle to a tee:

“…chewy caramel is the perfect balance of salty and sweet. The delicate floral notes of Fleur de Sel draw out rich, smoky tones in these caramels, with flavors so addictive you’ll want to keep ’em all to yourself.” (excerpt from Recchiuti Confections)

Salty Caramel candle makes me want to jump in my car, drive  35 miles into the city, down the hell traffic of the Embarcadero, to the crowded tourist trap of the Ferry Building, circle around one and a half hours to look for a parking space (in San Francisco it takes this long to find street parking seriously!) and gorge on boxes and boxes of Fleur de Sel Caramels. Believe me, when you have tasted these caramels, you will agree with me that it is worth all the hassle.

Burn Time:  BBW says it burns for 40-65 hrs. I’ve burned this particular candle on and off for a total of 15 hours and it has barely made a dent.  I have 90% of candle left.

Package:  The Jar and design is  minimal enough that it doesn’t clash with existing decor in your home.  I actually like the simplicity, it looks understated yet classy.  I also love that the jar has a rubberized seal cover so that the scent of the candle is preserved and blocks unwanted scent throw when unlit.

Season and Occasion:  This is a strong and heavy scent. I only burn it during Autumn and Winter.

Pricepoint:  For a 14.5 oz candle, $20 is pricey.  The 4 oz.  is $9.50.  I wouldn’t buy full price.  I’d wait until BBW holds a sale.

Final Verdict:  Understated pretty packaging, amazing scent throw, good wick, long burn time, fragrance exceptional which makes me want to dig a spoon in there and eat it (don’t try this at home kids). What more could you ask for? If you are a caramel addict, get this! If you love caramel popcorn, buy this!  If you love Recchiuti Fleur de Sel Caramels, you NEED this!

Bath & Bodyworks Salty Caramel Candle: The Wallflower version is available at Bath & Bodyworks at the moment but keep an eye out for it during the holiday season because they relaunch it every year.  Or you can go on Amazon, they have some stray Salty Caramels floating about over there.

Curious about Prada Candy? Check out my review here.

[Image 1] from Bath & Bodyworks