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DKNY Golden Delicious 1 Million Dollar Bottle

Perfumer: Donna Karan

Bottle Design: Mark Katz

Year: 2011

DKNY Golden Delicious $1 Million Bottle is adorned with 2,909 jewels from around the world, including 2,700 white diamonds, 183 yellow sapphires and a single 2.43 carat yellow canary diamond.  Net proceeds from the sale of this bottle will be donated to Action Against Hunger,  a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger.  Mark Katz, the famous Beverly Hills jewelry designer, talks about the inspiration of his design here…

I think this is one of the ugliest perfume bottles I have ever laid my eyes upon.  It looks like a glorified doornknob. And the juice inside isn’t even worth $10 in my opinion. What a waste of precious gemstones.  If I had all the money in the world, I wouldn’t buy it. I would just donate the $1M straight to the organizaton. DKNY can keep their precious monstrosity of a flask.

What do you think? Love it or leave it?

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