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It used to be no mystery that men were simple creatures. It never took much to make them happy.  All they needed was some grub, a bed to climb into, and a bit of TLC.  When it came to grooming products, men only cared about function and practicality.

Today, the grooming habits of men have changed.  Their rituals are no longer rudimentary but more involved.  Men are spending just as much as women on grooming supplies.  With a new generation driven by image and the media, it is no surprise the internet is now filled with men blogging and vlogging about their various grooming products.  This made me realize that I’m not giving men enough TLC on my blog.  Men like to smell good. They like to look good and they like to pamper themselves once in a while just as women do.

My husband called this to my attention not too long ago. Without my knowledge he’s been following my blog and keeping dibs.  He outed himself by asking, “Why don’t you write more reviews on men’s fragrances?” My answer back, “Because I don’t think it would be appropriate nor accurate for a woman to review men’s fragrances. Men want to read reviews written by men.”  Then my husband said something that nearly made me eat concrete,”I’ll test them and you can write about it.  You can call it ‘Man Tested, Man Approved’.”

A lightbulb went off in my head and thought this would make a great series.  So here we are with the first post of Man Tested, Man Approved, a series where my husband chooses various men’s grooming products; he does the testing, I do the writing.

While scouring the web for products to test, Geo F. Trumper Spanish Leather Hair & Body Wash caught his eye.  He heard it mentioned by a perfume reviewer on youtube, the Fragrance Guru. (My husband watches perfume reviews on youtube? Huh?) The Fragrance Guru reviewed a perfume that had notes of leather and said it reminded him of Spanish Leather.  I’m not surprised Spanish Leather would appeal to my husband.  My husband is a MotoGP fan and a former avid motorcyclist. In his own words, “I like leather scents, they remind me of nice old retro leather jackets and motorcycle stores.” See how the male mind works? Not very complicated.

Company Profile:  

Geo F. Trumper is recognised as the finest traditional gentlemen’s barber in London and is known throughout the world for its matchless range of gentlemen’s fragrances and grooming products.

Offering a choice of more than twenty colognes including the signature GFT fragrance, Trumper also have one of the largest ranges of gentlemen’s grooming products and accessories. This includes shaving creams and soaps, aftershave balms, skin foods and moisturisers, bath soaps and shower gels, razors, shaving brushes, mirrors, hair brushes and bathroom requisites.

This is my hubby’s first experience with Geo. F. Trumper. My husband has stuck with Art of Shaving for many years.  This is the thing I notice with guys, if they see it works, they stick with it for a very long time.  They go by the premise,”If it works, don’t fix it.” Although, he is getting pretty sick of his Art of Shaving so why not try Geo F. Trumper?  Guys like to go for stuff with a long-standing reputation. Geo F. Trumper has been selling men’s shaving supplies and grooming products since 1875.  Their Spanish Leather scent is the most popular, a favorite of men since it was first launched in 1902.

Product Description:  This wonderful hair and body wash lathers beautifully and is scented with the warm, heady fragrance of our Spanish Leather cologne.

Scent Notes:  Geranium, Rose, Patchouli, Musk

From the Bottle: When my husband took a whiff, he was slightly disappointed.  He was expecting a warm, smokey leather scent.  Instead he got lemon and pine furniture treatment.  Not a bad smell. It doesn’t smell chemically, more of a natural smell, like the lemon oil used to treat furniture.  It doesn’t smell bad, just not what he expected.

Consistency & Lather:   It has a thick consistency.  It lathers very well in the hair. While using a sponge, you don’t need a lot.  It creates a rich lather.  It does the job. It lathers as much as it needs to. Compared to the cheap stuff, you don’t end up with so much foam like you’re in a washing machine.

Scent:  The hubs was hoping that the pine lemon was just a fluke. Maybe it would change in the shower?  Nope. It starts off with a strong lemon pine accord then becomes a nice rich lemon oil. He can detect a tiny amount of floral.  The pine significantly dies down and he can smell leather. He says it smells like leather treated with lemon oil.  The fragrance made him think of what French polishers use to treat furniture or the lemon oil you use to treat your guitar fret board.  The smell is quite nice but not overpowering.  It’s not an invigorating scent either, not a wake-me-up type of body wash.   It’s warm and cozy, a shower before bed type of scent.

Cleanliness & Moisture:   After shower, it left his hair feeling nice, conditioned and silky soft.   His skin felt smooth and clean.  It didn’t leave his skin dry or leave behind a soapy film.

Longevity:  When it comes to my husband and showering (I’m sure it is like this for a lot of men.)…They get in the shower, wash their bodies and hair, and they get out.  They do what they need to do.  They don’t expect any Calgon take-me-away moments like women.  With that being said, most men don’t like their soaps to smell on their skin after they shower.  If they want a lingering scent, they use deodorant, aftershave, or cologne.  With Spanish Leather Body Wash, he found it only lasted on his skin for a half hour and it didn’t clash with his deodorant and Bvlgari Black…which is a good thing!

Pricepoint:  It’s a little on the pricey side but not unreasonable.  They have various sizes in different price ranges.  The biggest bottle at 200 ml goes for $25.

Would he buy this again?  He says he would buy it again and it seems good.  It’s a lot better than your typical run-of-the-mill men’s sport oriented shower gels like Axe.

The Final Verdict:  Spanish Leather Hair & Body wash is an overall good body wash and a quality product.  It’s a few notches up from your regular men’s body wash you find at your local Target or Tesco. It feels a bit luxurious.  My husband felt like he was making an effort and felt a bit pampered.  He was disappointed with the scent as he was expecting the smell of Spanish Leather cologne but overall the scent was pleasant. (Don’t expect this to smell exactly like Spanish Leather cologne, the notes are totally off.)  He also liked the fact that you can wash your hair and body with it.  It’s a two for one.  Men like this.  You don’t have to fumble for bottles.  It’s easy, convenient, and a time saver. Great for the gym or on the go.

Stamp of Approval:

Geo F. Trumper Spanish Leather Hair & Body Wash: Available at Geo F. Trumper and Amazon.

Need shaving tips?  Ask George the Barber!

[Image 1] via trumper.com
[Image 2] via motorcyclenews.com