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“The Holly and the ivy,

When they are both full grown

Of all the trees that are in the wood

The holly bears the crown

O the rising of the sun

And the running of the deer

The playing of the merry organ

Sweet singing of the choir…”

While I was rummaging through my perfume stash for Christmas related fumes, I came across Deep Midnight Perfumes The Holly and The Ivy. I ordered samples from this etsy seller in October and completely forgot about it because I was distracted by other smellies.

I couldn’t have found a more perfect fragrance to put you in the Christmas spirit.  Deep Midnight Perfumes is an etsy perfumery that has a dark Gothic, steam punk Neo-Victorian feel.  They have two sets of Christmas themed fragrances, Victorian Christmas and Ancient YuleThe Holly and The Ivy, named after the traditional English Christmas Carol, comes from the Ancient Yule Collection which is inspired by Pagan and Christmas traditions.

Holly and ivy are important in both Pagan and Christian tradition in England.  It has been used as a mainstay in Christmas decor for the last sixteen centuries.  European holly was sacred to the ancient druids who associated this mystical plant with winter solstice.  In the traditional English Christmas carol, the lyrics connote the marriage of Paganism and Christianity.  The holly and ivy representing pagan symbols of fertility…


“The Holly and the Ivy” is an English traditional Christmas carol. The carol contains intermingled Christian and Pagan imagery, both depicting the Ivy as feminine and the Holly as masculine.

“The holly and the ivy
When they are both full-grown
Of all the trees that are in the wood
These two shall wreathe as one.”

This is a slighty spicy and crisp unisex scent that has both feminine and masculine aspects: the scent of festive hollyberries is mingled with the beautiful and earthy greens of an inviting winter forest.

Perfume oils are hand blended in a jojoba oil base for superior skin absorption and long shelf life. Enjoy!

This scent first debuted in the Deep Midnight Perfume line in October 2011.

Notes:  hollyberries, earthy greens, winter forest

Scent:  First impression, it literally smells like holly and ivy.  It’s as if someone is holding a sprig of holly and ivy under my nose. It smells natural, fresh, green, and crisp. A bit of balsam, a bit of camphor but not too much.  This scent never goes into the vick’s vaporub realm. (Thank goodness!)  I can smell the woody stem, herbal green leaves, and the bitterness of the hollyberry.  It smells so real that I can feel the ivy’s pointy edges prick my nose. It dries down less green, more of an icy powder and ever so slight floral.  Final dry down is powdery, warm, sweet, musky, and green.

Sillage: It leaves a ghostly trail. Sometimes I forget I have perfume on but throughout the day I catch whispers of scent reminding me that it’s still here.

Longevity: 5 hours

Pricepoint: Low. $12 for 1/3 oz. bottle.  Deep Midnight Perfumes also donates to animal charities.  Each month special items are designated at 100% of sales to animal charity.

Would I Buy A Full Bottle? Yes!  I would definitely buy a full bottle. I love this scent!  This would also make an amazing home fragrance in candle form or diffuser.

Season and Occasion: Winter. Christmas.  Daytime. Evening.  Guys can get away with wearing this all year-long.  My husband would love this scent because it’s fresh and crisp but still unique that it sets itself apart from mainstream men’s fragrances. It’s great for females because the powdery dry down keeps it feminine and soft. The greens aren’t so sharp or astringent that it smells too masculine.

Final Verdict:  I’m not a big fan of balsamic greens because they turn medicinal on me but for some reason my skin loves Deep Midnight Perfumes The Holly and The Ivy.  It’s a beautiful unique fragrance. The Holly and The Ivy smells like peace and joy. Two emotions that embody Christmas. It makes me want to dawn my finest Winter church-going threads and attend evening vespers service.  I can picture myself wearing The Holly and The Ivy with my red cashmere coat, cream-colored mittens, scarf and knitted red cap.  My cheeks rosy from the winter frost.  As I thaw myself in the warm cathedral filled with the smell of holly and ivy wreaths, I contently listen to the dreamy ethereal voices of the Christmas choir echo and bounce off the cathedral walls. Filled with joy, I sit smiling and bursting at the seams with Christmas spirit.

If you love the smell of holly wreaths or you’re looking for a fragrance to lift your soul, get this…

Deep Midnight Perfumes The Holly and The Ivy:  Available for Purchase on Etsy.

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[Image 1] via deep midnight perfumes