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There’s a running joke between my parents and my husband.  The subject of sticky rice leaves them laughing in stitches.  My husband couldn’t get enough of this sticky sweet concoction at my parents’ house. He ate it every morning for breakfast.  The parents were shocked when this Northern Irishman slathered his sticky rice with Nutella.  Completely unorthodox! (He’s on to something, it’s actually quite good!)  From then on, the first thing my parents would say to my husband is, “Sticky rice?”. They would bust out in belly-aching laughter and I would feel all left out.

Suman (pronounced soo′ • mahn) is a rice cake dessert from the Philippines.  This Filipino version of sticky rice is made from gluttinous jasmine rice soaked in coconut milk and steamed in banana leaves.  The taste is extraordinary!  It’s a sweet, creamy coconut palate pleaser.  The banana leaf gives the rice a slightly minty and almost tea-like quality. Every time I eat this dessert I have fond memories of my grandmother. She knew it was my favorite and would always prepare sticky rice with coconut jam during visits.  The aroma of suman while steaming in the bamboo basket is delectable.  My mouth would water before walking through her door because you can smell the delightful aroma wafting outside her kitchen window.

If they made a perfume based on this scent, I would totally buy it!  Naturally, out of curiosity, I was on a hunt for it and was delighted to discover that a handmade  vendor called Product Body sold cocoa butter soap in Thai Sticky Rice!  They are the only people who make soap in this flavor! Believe me, I searched high and low.  Eager to smell it, I ordered it immediately.  I also thought it would make a great gag gift for my husband.  Knowing him, he would probably eat it.

Suman: A Filipino sticky rice dessert made with coconut milk steamed in banana leaves.


 Have You Had Thai In A While? Get Your Sticky Rice Now

Around here we love the sweet coconut sticky rice you can get in authentic Thai restaurants. And it’s not just the flavor, it’s that smell. So after many attempts, we finally recreated it for our soap line. The aroma of toasted jasmine rice with a touch of sweet coconut make this scent special and unique.

Packed with pure cocoa butter as well as shea, this is a deeply moisturizing bar that lathers up beautifully and smells gorgeous. 

Ingredients:  Saponified oils of olive, coconut, cocoa butter, organic palm, shea butter, palm kernel, castor, and fragrance.

Notes: toasted jasmine rice, coconut

Scent:  This does smell like sticky rice!  Pretty straight forward, nothing complex.  You can smell a slight toasty coconut and a powdery, buttery, creamy rice.  However, I was disappointed how weak this scent was.  I wish it were stronger.  From the bar, it was very faint.  When lathered it was stronger but it didn’t fill the air with sticky rice.  Oh well.

Lather:  It has an o.k. lather.

Cleanliness & Moisture:  This soap makes you feel squeaky clean. (If you’re into that sort of thing.)  I know some people are into the squeaky clean feeling. My definition of squeaky clean is when you run your finger tips along your body and your fingers skip.  If that makes any sense?  I don’t like this feeling.  I like feeling clean but squeaky clean makes me think my natural oils were stripped.  Maybe there’s no rhyme or reason to my conclusion but after I took a shower and dried off, I immediately felt like I wanted to slather on a vat of moisturizer.  It left my skin somewhat dry which is a surprise.  Since it’s made with cocoa butter and shea cream, I was expecting some kind of moisturizing effect.

Sillage & Longevity: No projection.  No longevity.

Would I buy again? I wanted to like this soap because of the scent.  Unfortunately, I don’t like the way this soap makes my skin feel. So no buy.

Pricepoint: $

Final Verdict: Great scent but faint.  It felt like it stripped my skin of oils but that’s just me. If you like squeaky clean, this soap is for you. For me, Product Body Thai Sticky Rice Cocoa Butter Soap gets an overall rating of MEH.

Product Body Thai Sticky Rice Cocoa Butter Soap:  Available at Product Body

Here’s the recipe for Filipino sticky rice if you’re feeling culinarily adventurous:  Suman – Sticky Rice in Banana Leaf

[Image 1] via Product Body