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See ya 2011, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!  Can you believe the year is over? 2011 came and went in the blink of an eye.  Now it’s time to pop open the champagne and celebrate another new year ! I’m starting the new year off in style with Etat Libre d’Orange Vraie Blonde. Like Marilyn Monroe, I’m going to bid farewell to 2011 with a wink and a smile and greet 2012 with a sultry red-hot kiss at midnight.

On the perfume front, I will always consider 2011 a milestone for me because 2011 was the year of my appreciation of aldehydes. Ever since I sniffed Chanel No. 5 years ago, I hated aldehydes.  Absolutely hated it!  I just couldn’t get past that first blast of soapy wax I get from Chanel No. 5.  Seriously, it tasted like I had a mouthful of soap and I was being punished for hating this legendary perfume.   I felt like I was going crazy because people kept saying Chanel No. 5 opened with an effervescent lift, but I never got that.  The only thing bubbly I got out of it was soap suds. It was not until this year when I read Perfume Shrine’s post on Aldehydes, I discovered that there are different types of aldehydes and that Chanel No. 5 is made up of fatty aldehydes (C10, C11, and C12 to be exact):

“Fatty aldehydes have a citrusy or floral note, and a pronounced fatty/waxy/soapy tone which is very apparent if you consider a modern fragrance that uses them in high ratio: Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana. The soapy feel is unmistakeable! As an exercise compare that smell with your Chanel No.5: you will pick up the soapy facets in that one as well. Another reason that they read as “soap” is exactly because they have been used in the production of soap for years to give that fresh lemony feel.” (via Perfume Shrine)

So I’m not crazy after all!  Perfume Shrine brought my sanity back and I was determined to get to the bottom of my aldehyde problem. Throughout 2011, I sniffed and sniffed all that was considered aldehydic.  I even sniffed the stand-alone aroma chemicals from C10 to C14!  C10 smells like a sweet waxy orange peel.  C11 is a rosy waxy mandarin.  C12 smells like a waxy floral.  C14 smells like a peachy wax fizz.   Aldehydes and I have a mutual understanding and respect for one another. Once my enemy, aldehydes are now my BFF (best friends forever)!

I dedicate my New Year’s toast to Perfume Shrine for unlocking the door to the mysterious world of aldehydes and a toast to parfumuer Antoine Maisondieu and anarchist perfume house Etat Libre d’Orange for creating Vrai Blonde in 2006. My favorite aldehydic perfume! (Favorite aldehydic perfume? Never thought I would say those three words together in my lifetime!)

Description:  Real Blonde.  She has all the assets of platinum blonde seduction.  A full-fledged décolleté, shapely hips and sensuous catlike walk.  A perfectly curvaceous body in a sequined lamé dress, a Technicolor version of the American dream! Accords of ambergris, fur and white pepper evoke luxury, flashiness of casinos, women in sheath dresses, and Marilyn naked under a mink coat.  Is she a real blonde?  To know the answer…one will have to wait for the nudity…Flushes of aldehydic notes fill the bedroom air, a tribute to the perfume the star wore at night, red-hot kisses enhanced by a bubbling thirst-quenching pink champagne note that leaves one panting.  One feels like biting into this lovely sugared almond.  Everything a brunette ever dreamed of!

Notes:  Aldehyde, liqueur brandy of champagne, rose, peach of grapevine, white pepper, myrrh, patchouli

From the Vial:  Straight away I can smell the aldehydes.  It’s an immediate eye opener, a fruity effervescence.  I can safely bet there’s C12 in here giving it an amber citrus lift and C14 giving it a waxy peach fizz.  I can also smell strong booze from the liqueur brandy champagne.

Wet on Skin: The aldehydes are translated even stronger on my skin, a sparkle as blinding as the diamonds hanging off Marilyn Monroe’s neck.

Drydown:  As it dries down the fizzy effervescence dissolves into a fruity, slightly peppery sweet powder.  There’s a hint of darkness to this composition coming from the myrrh and patchouli, I can sense something vulgar. Musky sweaty sour skin mixed with high-end perfume and spilled champagne perhaps? The last dry down morphs into a creamy suede floral.

Sillage: Vraie Blonde is like a soft halo. It’s the type of perfume you can smell on someone while you are slow dancing or standing still.

Longevity:  Excellent! Does as an EDP should.  8 hours plus!

Pricepoint:  $$

Would I Buy A Full Bottle?  Yes! But I wouldn’t complain if I received this as a gift. (hint, hint)

Season and Occasion: Spring and Summer.  Daytime or Night.  For me, I see this as a special event fragrance. It smells of luxury and glamour. I’d probably wear this to a dinner party or a formal.

Final Verdict:  Vraie Blonde has a lot going on between the aldehydes, fruity, floral, suede and musky dark tinges but it is such a smooth composition, you hardly notice the chaos. It’s a beautifully evocative and sultry fragrance. Vraie Blonde has a bipolar personality typical of ELdOs.  It starts off innocent, fun and bubbly then it turns a bit naughty and erotic.  I love how this doesn’t scream glamour, more like the seductive breathy whisper of Marilyn’s voice.  Vraie Blonde’s story begins after a long night of New Year’s Eve celebration.  She has already peeled herself out of her sequined lamé dress and kicked off her Louboutin shoes. She retires to bed into the wee hours of the morning.  All she’s got between herself and silky sheets is her high-end perfume and the one she kissed at midnight.

Will you have someone to kiss at midnight? Wishing you health, joy, and new beginnings for this new year!  See y’all in 2012!

Etat Libre d’Orange Vraie Blonde:  50ml retails for $80 at luckyscent.com

[Image 1] via fragrantica.com
[Image 2] via vibeflog.com