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Out of the 18 samples tested from the Flourish Firebird Deluxe Sampler, I would say Pomegranate Rose would have to be my favorite.  For the past month, I’ve been wearing it every other day.  I love it so much that I just bought two backups. It’s that good!

Flourish Firebird perfume oils are high quality in my opinion.  They smell very clean and don’t have the soapy or plastic drydown that lower quality oils possess.  Brooke Martin, the founder of Flourish Firebird Bath & Body, has a flair for blending the right notes together.  She approaches perfumery like a chef does for recipes:

My background working as a cook inspires a lot of my scent combinations. I’m most comfortable working within a culinary frame of reference, so you’ll see fruits and herbs and spices appear in most of my fragrances. My theory is that flavors that taste good together are likely to smell good together too- and they usually do!

Before Pomegranate Rose, I’ve always hated rose perfume and steered clear away from them.  Rose notes turned on my skin for some reason.  I end up smelling like an old-fashioned whore’s handbag full of cheap soap and beauty powder. As a result, I developed an aversion and ignorantly shut the door on rose fragrances all together thinking that I would never find the modern fresh dewy rose that I longed for.  That is, until Pomegranate Rose came along. Pomegranate and rosewater are two ingredients that make a great pair in Persian cooking. There’s no reason Firebird’s luscious perfume recipe wouldn’t entice anyone’s olfactory appetite.


Comme des Garçons makes a perfume that I adore, called “Rose” (in their Red Series) that is a blend of red rose and raspberry. It sounds simple, but the combination is genius. The berries soften the sharp edges of the rose; the rose cuts the sweetness of the berries. This is my take on that concept, blending pomegranate, red berries, and rose petals- with a little lemon zest thrown in to freshen things up. The result is a nice balance between sweet, tart, fruity, and floral.

Flourish perfume oils are concentrated fragrance in a base of fractionated coconut oil- super light, quickly absorbed, and non-staining. Because they’re rolled on instead of sprayed, the scent is worn closer to the body than typical alcohol-based sprays- so you’re not going to knock over everyone you walk past (which is a good thing, right?) The scent also doesn’t evaporate as quickly as with alcohol-based perfumes, and you don’t have to wait for the alcohol smell to dissipate before you get the true scent of the perfume.

Notes: Rosewater, Red Berries, Lemon Zest

Scent:  Pomegranate Rose falls within the fruity floral category.  It has linear development and the fragrance stays true from application to drydown. At first whiff you get a puckering tang from the tart red berries, pomegranate and lemon zest.  You smell sweet succulent, voluptuous ripe berries that you just want to sink your teeth into.  You’ve also got fresh dewy rose petals swimming in its dark red juicy sweet and sour nectar infusion of berries and lemon zest.  The smell is so scrumptious you’ll want to drink the entire bottle!

Sillage:  Pomegranate Rose has decent projection for a perfume oil.  People could smell me as I walk pass them.  It doesn’t leave a scent trail.

Longevity:  4 hours.

Pricepoint: $

Would I Buy A Full Bottle? The fact that I bought two bottles will clue you in right there.  I pray to the perfume gods that this never gets discontinued.

Dupes:  As Brooke stated in her description, her inspiration for Pomegranate Rose is Comme des Garçons Red Series Rose.  They do smell similar but Pomegranate Rose is what Comme des Garçons Red Series Rose wishes it were.  Pomegranate Rose is a lot stronger whereas CdG Red Series Rose is weak in scent and longevity. Pomegranate Rose lasts a good 4 hours, CdG Rose starts to dissipate after 2 hours.  Pomegranate Rose is on the more fruity side while CdG Rose is on the floral side.  The rose in CdG has a powdery drydown while Pomegranate Rose is fresh and dewy throughout.  The lemon tartness of Pomegranate Rose gives an otherwise mundane fruity floral a fresh unique twist while CdG Rose is just a boring and unchallenging floral lacking in fruit . This comparison is a fine example of where the underdog conquers the superdog.  Put that in your pipes, all you perfume label whores! 9ml Firebird Pomegranate Rose Perfume Oil = $9.00 vs. 100ml Comme des Garçons Red Series Rose = $100

Season and Occasion: This is a year round scent but perfect for Summer and Spring.  Daytime casual t-shirt and jeans.

Final Verdict: Pomegranate Rose restored my faith in rose fragrances and has inspired me to dive into the thorny rose jungle once again. Pomegranate Rose smells what Brooke promises, not too sweet, not too tart, not too rosy, it’s just right.  The perfect recipe for a Pomegranate Rose cocktail.  It beats Comme des Garçons Red Series Rose by a longshot.  The only con is the longevity.  I wish it would last longer but I love this scent so much that reapplication after 4 hours is a small sacrifice.  If you’re the type that hates rose fragrances like me and you’re a fan of fruity florals, give this one a try.  Pomegranate Rose will make a convert out of you!

Firebird Bath & Body (formerly Flourish Bath & Body) Pomegranate Rose Perfume Oil:  Retails for $9.00 and is available on etsy.com (Note: As of 1/5/2012, perfume oils were pulled off the site for a label change.  Brooke announced on facebook, they will be back shortly with the new company logo)

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[Image 1] via Firebird Bath & Body