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Thanks to Sex and the City, every time I see carnations I just have to laugh.  I remember that episode when Charlotte scornfully dismisses the poor carnation as filler flowers.  Unfortunately, a large majority of women share the same opinion as Charlotte.  Carnations are the poor man’s flower and rank #2 on the cheesy flower list after dandelions.  If a man gives a woman carnations, he can kiss that second date goodbye!

Besides being filler flowers and high school homecoming dance boutonnieres, carnations are January’s birth flower and the flower of first wedding anniversaries.  Carnations, otherwise known as Dianthus carofyllus, originated in the Near East 2000 years ago and is symbolic in different cultures.  In ancient Rome, the carnation symbolized the ancient Roman god, Joven. White carnations were a good luck gift to a woman in the Victorian Era. In France, it’s the opposite. They are a sign of bad luck and death. At Oxford University, it is customary to wear carnations during exams: white for the first exam, red for the final exam, and pink for in between. In Korea, carnations tell the fortune of young girls.  The young girls would wear three carnations in their hair, “If the top flower dies first, the girl knows that her last years of life will be difficult. If the middle flower dies first, her youth will be difficult. But, if the bottom flower should die first, the girl is told that her whole life will be miserable.”  (Uh…What if all three die at the same time?)  

In general, carnations express fascination and a woman’s love.  Each color communicates a specific message (via):

Pink Carnation – I’ll never forget you, woman’s love, always on my mind [Also flower for Mother’s Day]

Red Carnation – my heart aches for you, passion

Purple Carnation – capriciousness

Solid Color Carnation – yes

Striped Carnation – refusal

White Carnation – innocence, pure love

Yellow Carnation – you disappoint me, rejection, disdain

As for me, it is solid carnations all the way!  Unlike Charlotte, they get a thumbs up from me and I wouldn’t complain if my man gave me a bouquet of carnations. What’s not to love? I love their fragrance.  I love how they come in a variety of colors. They are hardy and long-lasting.  I love their ruffled petals.  My favorite arrangement is when they are bunched up like pom poms. Carnations also remind me of my maternal grandmother.  When my grandmother emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1960’s, her first job was picking carnations in the field behind the cemeteries of Colma.  My mom used to tell me she would always smell like a field of carnations.  What I would give to turn back time and smell her.  She probably smelled edible.  Creamy, sweet, and a bit of spicy clove.

Possets Silver Carnation is what I imagine my grandmother would smell like.  Not like an old woman, mind you, but fresh from the carnation field! At first sniff, Possets Silver Carnation had me at hello.  It felt like I’ve chased after this scent all my life! Fabienne Christenson, the nose behind Possets Perfume, combines her silver formula with the fragrant spice of carnation. Her interpretation of the carnation is simply exquisite! It’s one of the best carnation fumes I’ve ever smelled.

Description:  There has been a clamber for this and here it is. I really love this one, it turned out better than I thought it would. Long lasting and just beautiful from the start, Silver Carnations stays true from the first moment until the last. The “silver” part that you love combined with the spice and flower carnation that you wanted. A winner.

Notes: carnation, clove, spices, chocolate, vanilla

Scent:  Silver Carnations stays true and linear from start to finish.  It opens with a sweet powdery carnation with pinch of clove and spice. The vanilla note dominates more than any other note creating a sweet soft creamy carnation powder but it never treads the gourmand.  You can feel the velvety texture of the carnation petals when smelling this fragrance and you can taste its sweet and spicy flavor.  The smell evokes innocence, whimsy, and a hazy dream-like romance.

Sillage:  Projection is amazing for a perfume oil.  The sillage is like being surrounded by a lightweight, diaphanous, soft cloud.  During the course of wear, you and those nearby will be reminded of its quiet presence.

Longevity:  The longevity of Silver Carnations is as long-lasting and hardy as the flower itself.  I can still faintly smell it after 12 plus hours!

Pricepoint:  $

Would I Buy A Full Bottle?  Yes! This is a must in my perfume collection!

Season and Occasion:  This is a year round scent.  It’s a very mild, non-heady floral.  It’s great to wear at the office without invading anyone’s breathing space but still noticable.  Good for a casual day out or flirty fun date. 

Final Verdict: Silver Carnation is such a beautiful fragrance that even Charlotte from Sex And The City would agree.  Fabienne Christenson hit it out the ballpark with this one. Long-lasting, romantic, and whimsical. The perfect balance between sweet and floral.  Some reviewers say that it’s the closest to authentic carnation you can get and should be a must smell for any perfumista.  If you are looking for straight up carnation not overloaded with spice as with many carnation perfumes, you will be very pleased with Silver Carnation.

 Posset Silver Carnation: Available at Possets Perfume at possets.com

This is the first post of the Flower of the Month Series which highlights the birth flower of every month and I explore fragrances to match!

[Image 1] via Possets Perfume
[Image 2] Jean Pachett, 1950’s vintage icon via http://www.wolfandwillowblog.com