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Le Roi Danse

Artist: Francis  Kurkdjian

Location: Chateau de Versailles

Year: 2007

Imagine the powdery and floral notes of 600 candles scenting poetically the night breeze. This was the third installation performed by Francis Kurkdjian for Chateau de Versailles, during the great evening waters in 2007. ~Maison Francis Kurkdjian

The more I read about parfumeur Francis Kurkdjian, the more I’m fascinated.  He takes the art of perfumery to the next level by collaborating with artists in other genres:

“…scent could be use as a real art form, the same way you have the notes for music and colors for paintings, photograph or video. 

I started to do what I called collaborations in artistic genres. Sophie Calle is one of the first artist then little by little, I meet other great talents such as world pastry chef Christophe Michalak with whom I designed a dessert for the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris. I had the chance to create fragrance for a celebration night at the Paris Opera, and then started my first work for the Chateau de Versailles, Marie Antoinette’s fragrance and then the 4 olfactive performances I gave in the gardens of the castle.” (Sniffapalooza Magazine interview with Francis Kurkdjian, 2009)

Talk about giving literal meaning to the phrase ‘olfactory landscape’!  600 candles scenting the night air! Can you imagine?  It must have been a surreal experience! From olfactory installations to perfumed incense papers, bracelets, and scented bubbles for children, I wonder what he has in store for the future. I’ll be keeping a close watch on him.

Are you familiar with Francis Kurkdjian’s artistic works? Which has impressed you the most?   Please share.

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