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I like to think of tea as a perfumed beverage. After all, they are similar. Tea and perfume are both aromatic, have different layers of flavor, and share the same raw materials.  I’m also seeing a trend from natural perfumers like Ayala Moriel and Mandy Aftel selling their own loose leaf tea blends which further proves the perfume-tea connection. 

My New Year’s resolution is to cut sugar from my diet.  (I am notorious for having a really bad sweet tooth.) I’ve read somewhere that tea is a great way for sugar addicts to curb their craving because it is flavorful and in some instances you can get a hint of sweetness without the sugar. So I decided to give it a try.  Not only am I a sugar addict but I’m a Starbucks Chai latte addict as well.  So while accidentally scouring the internet for a healthier alternative, I came across Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.  They have so many flavored chai teas it’s mind-boggling!  Caramel Chai, Firelight Chai, Coconut Chai, Hazelnut Chai, and Vanilla Chai.  Their flavors are both available in both herbal and black tea blends.

I decided to go with the stackable sampler tin to get a sense of their range. (I really got the stackable tins because they looked cute!) Each tin contains 4 round sachets. Let me tell you, these teas kick ass! This isn’t tea for whimps. They are full-bodied and flavored up to the gills!  The only con is deciding on which to buy a full canister!  I don’t really need sugar in these teas because they are layered with flavor.  It’s so pure you can taste each ingredient.  Not to mention, they are organic and fair trade teas.  So it’s win-win-win all around.

The Peach Ginger is fruity with a little spicy kick from the ginger.  The Coconut Chai is out of this world and better than Starbucks. It’s full of spice as you would find in a high quality chai but balanced with sweet and creamy toasted coconut.  The Rasberry Earl is just delicious with its rich bergamot and fruity rasberry.  The aroma is strong and beautiful.  The Gypsy Rose tea is beautiful as well. It smells like you’re drinking tea in a rose garden. You get a subtle hint of rose petals infused in a strong but not bitter black tea.  These are high quality teas and Zhena has SO many flavors to choose from! I intend to sample more flavors.  So stay tuned for each review!


Tea tin stackable sampler. Each sampler contains 4 embossed recyclable air tight tins containing 4 sachets of 100% certified fair trade and organic tea for 16 total sachets. A great way to introduce yourself to Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. 

Peach Ginger: Bio-Dynamic, Ceylon & Indian Black tea made with organic ginger root and organic peach flavor. 

Coconut Chai: Indian black tea, organic cinnamon, ginger, cardamom pods, whole cloves, orange peels, nutmeg, org. black pepper, organic cinnamon essential oil and organic coconut flavor

Rasberry Earl: Bio-Dynamic, Ceylon & Indian Black tea, with Italian Bergamot, Freeze-Dried Raspberries and organic raspberry flavor.

Gypsy Rose: Chinese Black Tea, Red and Pink Rose Petals and organic natural flavors.

The sampler tin retails for $8.99 and is available at Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

 If you’re interested in the perfume-tea connection, read my review on Providence Co. Osmantus Oolong.

[Image 1] via Zhena’s Gypsy Tea