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Title: Per Request, Perfume Collection!

Youtuber: fivejsmakeus5

Upload Date: May 2011

I love watching youtube videos of vloggers showing off their perfume collections and hearing them describe fragrances.   There are two types of perfume vloggers.  There’s the layman’s perspective, which I really enjoy.  And there’s the expert perfume vlogger-bloggers like Katie Puckrik of katiepuckricksmells and Victoria Jent of EauMG who actually know their stuff! 

Out of all the youtube perfume reviews I’ve watched (and there are alot!), this particular review makes me sit up in attention.  She has an interesting way of describing perfumes with such “colorful” language (especially the perfume she discusses at the end). She’s absolutely gripping!

Sidenote: This video is rated NSFW.


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