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I’m not a big fan of commercial room sprays.  The synthetic odor makes me gag and I get a throbbing headache.  Also, the thought of breathing in chemicals makes me paranoid. Not worth it, in my opinion, which is too bad because well…I’m olfactory obsessed!

I’ve been meaning to try natural home fragrance sprays for quite some time now but never got around to it. When I opened the box of goodies from Juniper Ridge, I was excited to discover that they included two natural room sprays! I was over the moon! Juniper Ridge is an independent company based in Northern California that sells natural soaps, solid perfumes, incense, teas, and room sprays.  Their ingredients are wild harvested.  Essential oils, saps, and juices from tree material, plants, and herbs are extracted through a process called live plant infusion.  Hall Newbegin, the founder and head wildcrafter of Juniper Ridge, is a stickler for authenticity and is passionate about his craft.  He spent his 20’s backpacking and learning about native plants. This guy really knows his flora. Watch this fascinating clip of him hiking around a Northern Sierra Nevada campground talking about local plants in the area, his interest in wildcrafting, and the origins of Juniper Ridge. He also loves to read Gary Snyder, one of my favorite poets from the Beat Generation. He sounds like a really cool dude and a mellow guy!

Description:  Cascade Glacier Natural Room Spray is Mountain forest in a bottle.  Not a clingy room perfume, but an aromatic snapshot of the wild place itself.  Bring the high meadow country of the Cascades into your home.

Region: Pacific Northwest

Slogging up all morning through mushy summer snow — such a pain for hiking but brilliant and bright.  Lunch at Cooper’s Spur in the high elevation, blue-sky ether.  After a nap, I slide down the glacier — a free ride back to  camp at Elk Meadows.  Laughing as I start going too fast, all boots and fingers to slow down, the taste of ice age snow in my mouth.

Ingredients: Real Ingredients.  This isn’t your mother’s room spray. No nasty chemicals. Just real, steam-distilled, essential oils and conifer water.

Scent: When I first spritzed Cascade Glacier, I immediately looked for the Christmas tree in my room because this is exactly what it smells like — live trimmings of a Christmas tree. Made with northwest fir and cedar infusions, the smell is alive and invigorating. The genuine smell of the wilderness — crisp, fresh, and balsamic.  I imagine myself standing at Cascade Glacier’s peak and taking in a big yogic breath filling my lungs with icy mountain air.

Longevity and Strength:  The scent does what it promises, it’s not a clingy room perfume but more of an olfactory snapshot. I got 10 minutes max of longevity. The strength is perfect, not too strong or weak. Never overwhelming or heady.

Aromatherapy:  I like to spray Cascade Glacier over my bed just before I sleep. I’ve had problems getting to sleep lately and I can honestly say that this room spray has helped me catch up on some ZZZZZZ’s.  The crisp, clean aroma gives the impression of the serene outdoors making me feel calm and relaxed.  I also like to do a few spritzes in the morning.  It is the perfect wake-up scent that leaves me feeling rejuvenated, wide-eyed and ready to seize the day.

Deodorizer:  Even though the scent doesn’t linger for too long, I’ve actually discovered that it also cleans up any stale, stagnant air circulating in my room.  My room smells fresh for the entire day as if I’ve opened my window and let the mountain air waft into my bedroom.  Cascade Glacier also makes a great deodorizer, it instantly eliminates foul odors around my kitty’s litter box.

Final Verdict:  Cascade Glacier has everything I’m looking for in a room spray.  Amazing organic scent that doesn’t give me a migraine.  Since it’s 100%  natural, I feel safe knowing I’m not breathing in toxic chemicals.   I can’t imagine anyone not liking this room spray (unless you hate the smell of woodsy scents). I’ll admit the price is steep ($20 for 2oz) but the ingredients are top notch; you can’t get any better than wild harvested and handcrafted.  It smells like the real deal because it is. Cascade Glacier gives me a sense of calm and tranquility bringing the outdoors into my home.  Instead of “mountain air” in a bottle, they should call it therapy in a bottle, because the instant I smell Cascade Glacier, my troubles and worries melt away.

If you’re looking for a holiday scent that smells like a true-to-life Christmas tree, look no further…

Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Natural Room Spray:  2oz bottle retails for $20 on juniperridge.com.  You can also find their products in-store at Whole Foods.

FTC Disclaimer:  Samples were provided by Juniper Ridge.  I was not compensated for this review.  Opinions are my own.

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