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Happy Valentine’s Day! I was never into Valentine’s Day until my husband came along.  He was the first man I ever dated who gave me a bouquet of flowers! Our very first Valentine’s Day four years ago, he surprised me on the morning with a bouquet of white roses and an elaborate breakfast he cooked all by his lonesome (before then, he could only scramble eggs so this was a big feat for him!) — burnt french toast, bacon, and a bowl of strawberries!  The dude really outdid himself, I was touched! *blush*

My husband knew me well from the get-go.  He knows I hate cliches, especially when it comes to a cheesy commercialized holiday.  Honestly, if he gave me the ole boring dozen red roses and box of chocolates, we probably wouldn’t be together. (I’d want a man with more imagination.) Year after year, he never fails to amaze me and sweep me off my feet.  This year was no exception.  He decided to do an unconventional take on the mundane — Ayala Moriel’s Roses et Chocolat EDP and Roses et Chocolat Fragrant Chocolate Bar.

I’ve always been curious to try Ayala Sender’s perfumes. This Vancouver based natural perfumer has made a buzz in the fragrance community for some time now. Roses et Chocolat was launched in 2007 and was originally a limited edition release for Valentine’s Day but due to its popularity, it is now a permanent addition to her collection.

Description:  Roses et Chocolat bottles three pleasures in one elegant flacon: a bouquet of red roses, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles, and, of course – a perfume! The most sensual and sumptuous way to declaration of love. Kisses not included.

Family: Gourmand, Oriental Spicy

Notes:  Allspice (Pimento Berry), Amber, Benzoin Siamese Cocoa Absolute, Mace, Nutmeg Pink Pepper Absolute, Rose de Mai, Rose Maroc Rose Otto (Turkey)

Scent:  Chocolate covered rose petals is what comes to mind when I smell this perfume.  True to life, Roses et Chocolat is an olfactory dessert.  It smells like a sweet rose syrup infused and folded into a dark chocolate ganache.  This may sound like a heavy and cloying scent.  On the contrary, Roses et Chocolat is soft, sensual, and elegant.  Roses and chocolate are the dominant notes but I can detect a light spice giving this rose a dark oriental flavor, an almost smoked cocoa powder.

Sillage:  Roses et Chocolat stays close to the skin.  It whispers romance and beckons your Valentine to move in taking a closer whiff.  At least that’s what my husband did.  He brought his nose close to the nape of my neck, and said I smelled good enough to eat.

Longevity:  5 – 6 hours.

Who would wear this?  Women who love dark floral gourmands. Romantics.

Season and Occasion: Perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Year round.

Pricepoint: Various prices on EDP or Parfum Extrait. $48 – $150

Would I Buy Again?  Yes!

Final Verdict:  Roses et Chocolat is an edible rose but not your boring gourmand.  The smoked chocolate keeps you intrigued. As it stays close to the skin, it won’t give your Valentine a headache and will make him want to move closer which is where you want him to be anyway.  Most men love subtle, sweet scents on women which makes Roses et Chocolat the perfect scent on Valentine’s Day.

Ayala Moriel teamed up with Coco Nymph, a chocolatier in Vancouver, to create an accompanying fragrant chocolate bar…

Description: Chocolate scented with rose, saffron & chilli 72% Cacao ~ 50 g This amazing chocolate bar is like no other in the world! It was created in collaboration with CocoaNymph, a Vancouver-based chocolatiere, and is manufactured exclusively for Ayala Moriel Parfums using top quality dark 72% Belgian chocolate, with exotic spices and floral essences.

Taste: The Fragrant Chocolate Bar smells exactly like the perfume with amped up chocolate.  The chocolate is excellent quality but I wasn’t too crazy about the flavor.  It tasted like I was eating a dark chocolate bar while smelling Roses et Chocolat under my nose.  I couldn’t taste the saffron or chilli, not spicy at all.  I wasn’t fond of the aftertaste as well, very perfumey.  I’m not a fan of Turkish Delight because of the perfumey aftertaste but I can imagine Roses et Chocolat Fragrant Bar appealing to Turkish Delight fans.

Would I Buy Again? I think I will pass.

Final Verdict: Definitely a novelty item.  You either love it or hate it.  Unfortunately,  I’m one of those types who like to wear perfume, not eat it.

Ayala Moriel Roses et Chocolat Perfume and Fragrant Chocolate Bar: Avaliable at ayalamoriel.com

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