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Paramour by The Morbid The Merrier

Paramour from The Morbid The Merrier is a haunting perfume that smells like romance gone awry.  This is a linear perfume where the notes are seamlessly blended to evoke images of a murder scene.  A dozen wilted roses and a woman’s powdery perfume, the spice of spilled wine, a plume of gunsmoke, and a drop of blood. This scent brings chills up my spine.

Notes:  Roses, spiced wine, gunsmoke, blood

Fragrance Family: Floriental

Longevity: 6 hours

Sillage:  Moderate

Paramour is no longer available.  The Morbid The Merrier closed its doors in May 2012

Photo Acknowledgements: [Image 1] The Death of Albine (1895); [Image 2] by olfactoryobsessed.wordpress.com