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Natural perfumery is still a world I haven’t really delved into. To be honest, it’s a genre of perfumery that actually scares me. My past experiences haven’t been that great. They have a distinct smell about them that set themselves apart from mainstream, designer, and niche perfumes. Among the samples I’ve sniffed, I have found natural perfumes to smell dirty, raw, and a bit skanky while the latter clean and more refined.

Lei Flower by Providence Perfume Co. turned out to be a pleasant surprise. From the vial, it smelled like what I expected from a natural perfume. It smelled like overripe flowers that had been sitting in a vase for 2 weeks, decayed petals falling off the stems. It was downright offensive!

But one swipe on my skin, it blooms into a delicious tropical floral dessert. The scent starts off with a heavy sweet tar base under frangipani and jasmine. As it dries down, the syrup becomes less viscous and the ripeness of the floral dissipates and softens. Lei Flower is an unusual tropical floral which I like. The cocoa and patchouli gives this kind of a dark feel which evokes images of a midnight walk through a mystical tropical oasis on a full moon.

I’m glad I gave this one a chance. The sillage and longevity is excellent. I’m sad Lei Flower is discontinued.

Notes: yuzu, sweet orange, chamomile, and tarragon, frangipani, bitter almond, jasmine and ylang-ylang, cocoa, patchouli, vanilla and black currant bud.

Acknowledgement: Photo by Providence Perfume Co.