About Me

“…To create new arrangements, new olfactory forms, it is enough that you think ‘in odours’, like the painter ‘in colours’, and the musician ‘in sounds’…”

                                                                                 ~Edmond Roudnitzka

What can I say about me?  My name is Maddy.  Born and raised in San Francisco, CA.  I’m married to a very nice man from Belfast, Northern Ireland.   I’m a musician and have a degree in Ethnomusicology. I love to travel and learn about culture through music and food. I’ve lived in two countries: Ghana and Northern Ireland. I practice the art of bellydancing and flamenco.  When I get stressed out, I cook and eat enough to feed a small country. My cat’s name is Meowme.  She’s a chatterbox and is attempting to sit on my keyboard as I type. Bored yet?  Anyways, enough about me.

This blog isn’t about me or my life.  Thank goodness because watching paint dry would be more fascinating! I am new to the fragrance world and have yet to discover my signature scent .  I have an intimidating number of samples to sniff and I don’t want to do this scary process alone.  Come join me on my fragrant adventure as I make my descent into perfume madness.

I love meeting new people, especially those who are passionate as I am about fumes.  Drop me a line at olfactoryobsessed @ gmail dot com.  Let’s chat! 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any business entities and I am not receiving financial compensation for review.  Products were purchased with my husband’s hard-earned money and opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi. My mom, who died from pancreatic cancer over 3 years ago, always wore a specific powder. After she died, my dad gave me the powder. When I smell it, I think of her. When I first wore it, my son gave me a strange look, then said “you smell like Grandmom”. One night I was lying in bed watching a movie on my iPad. My husband was asleep next to me. Very faintly, I smelled my mom’s powder. I kept sniffing the air thinking I was wrong, but it was there. The smell stayed, getting stronger and weaker, for about 15 minutes. I believe it was my mom’s way of letting me know she was there. The powder I have was in the bathroom and the door was shut. It was an incredible experience. ~ Kathy

  2. Hi Maddy, is this blog your new home or in addition to Flippin’ Yank (Blogger)? Good to find you here. I’ve moved over to WordPress myself.

  3. leigh lennox said:

    Hi Maddy
    I’m enjoying reading your blog. I read that you were born n raised in S.F – Just curious if you’ve ever tried any of In Fiore’s wares? I love their balms, oils and solid perfumes. I loved your comments on the scent “November”, makes me want to try it. And loved the post on the Juniper Ridge guy. I just saw in the BeautyHabit catalog (they carry In Fiore, and in sample sizes too) that Juniper Ridge has a new cologne out. I really want to try it as I love the smell of their soaps and room spray. Thanks again for your blog.

  4. leigh lennox said:

    I like many of their scents – In the body balms I like Dayala (Jasmine) and Jolie (Rose) a lot. I like the Jasmine body oil….and also Fleur Vibrante, which isn’t supposed to be a perfume – it’s more of a healing balm, but I love its scent. Beautyhabit.com sells their products, and they have a sample program – you can order 3 products in sample sizes for $15. You also get free samples(that you can choose) with purchase, too, so you can try things that way.

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